Labrador German Shepherd Mix : Sheprador Puppies

As the name suggests, the Sheprador puppies are hybrids that come from the breeding the Labrador and the German Shepherd.  This dog is also called a Labrabull, Pitador, Lab Pitbull mix, Pit bull Lab Mix, and many others and is considered the best dog of all. Why should it not? He has the Labrador’s trusty, goofy love, and the shepherd’s discipline.

Since both the parents have sturdy look, the German Shepherd Lab mix is quite robust and has great muscles. He is fast and dexterous.

Coat: Short

Color: Brown, Black, White, Yellow, Red, and Blue.

Average height: Twelve to twenty-five inches

Average weight: Forty-Five to ninety lbs

Shedding: Moderate

Grooming Requirements: Moderate

Climate: Warm

Looking after your Labrador German Shepherd Mix:

If the coat is more like a labrador, you can get away with brushing once a week but if your puppy has a longer coat, like that of a German shepherd, you would need to brush on a more regular basis, preferably two or three times a week.


If you have ever been with a labrador and a German Shepherd, you would know that they have very distinct personalities. The labs are known for their love, their outgoingness, and their goofiness while the German Shepherds are known for their discipline and their hard work. Both are extremely intelligent and make excellent pets as they work best with families and make excellent pets.

Since the German Shepherd Lab mix comes from both, there is no telling as to which trait your puppy would have more of. It generally depends upon the genes of individual dogs. They could have traits of both. They are extremely loving and friendly and they work well with all kinds of family. They prefer being outdoors and love long car rides.

If they are not trained properly, they can become dominant. Along with this, their energy levels are quite high and can become destructive if proper exercise is not given.

Sheprador Puppies Pictures

Training Requirements:

As we have mentioned earlier, both the parents are extremely intelligent, so it is obvious that the Sheprador would be extremely intelligent as well. It is because of this intelligence that training them becomes a piece of cake. One thing to keep in mind is that many dogs are trained using the technique of repetition, wherein they are told the same thing over and over again in order to make sure that they understand what is required of them. But, doing this with this breed would not work as they would become bored and would refuse to work with you. Keep the training short and effective in order to gain maximum benefit.

Working with other pets and small kids:

If, when you bring your Lab German Shepherd mix home, he is a puppy, you can teach him to be with other animals. But, even with all the training, ensure that there is someone to supervise the dogs and any other animal’s interaction at all times unless you become 100% sure that your pup is comfortable.

While labradors are great with kids, the German Shepherds can be a bit stand offish. So, the best thing to do to determine if your dog would work with kids or not is to meet the parents and see if they are comfortable with kids. If both the parents are kid friendly, your pup is bound to be so too.

Exercise Requirement:

Since this is a very energetic dog, you would need to ensure that he gets ample exercise in order to ensure that he stays healthy and happy. You should have a huge house and he should be allowed a free reign to move around and play. Take him to daily walks and runs in the park. If he is harming your furniture or being destructive, you need to ensure you take him out on more walks.

A thing to keep in mind is that this dog is a barker and will bark at everything suspicious. He loves pleasing you and would do everything for you and your family. He is active, hard working, loyal, playful, and on the whole, can be termed as an ideal pet you could ever hope to have. Once you get him, there is no looking back.

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