Labrador Pitbull Mix: Lab/Pit Puppies

Labrador Retriever and American Pit Bull are crossed together to give birth to Labrador Pitbull Mix. The other name of Lab Pit mix is Labrabull which is considered as one of the best cross breeds of dogs. You will find Pitbull Lab Mix sociable and trusty. I would like to make you aware of the appearance, temperament, training and health concerns so that you can make out how Labrador Pitbull Mix will prove to be a great friend of yours.

How Labrador Pitbull Mix appears?

They possess healthy and self-assured look with good muscles and excellent dexterity. From Pitbull, they take over strong and self-assured look while dexterity comes from the Labrador Retriever. They enjoy shorter coats.

Color- The Lab Pit Mix comes in black, blue, brown, gray, red, yellow and white. Black, brown and yellow colors are more commonly observed on these lovely pets. They show any color combination present in the parent breed.

What are the other names of Labrador Pitbull Mix?

Pitador, Labrabull, Pitbull Lab Mix, Lab Pitbull Mix, and Lab Pit Mix are some of the most popular names of Labrador PitBull Mix.

What type of temper Labrador Pitbull Mix hold?

You will observe the mixed characteristics of the parent breeds in Lab Pit Mix. Labrador Retrievers are found to be active, outgoing and frisky. They are known for their smartness and impish nature. The American Pitbull Terriers can serve as the excellent chum pets with their great open hearts.

  • The Lab Pit Mix is the crossed mix of both the breeds, so the combination of both the traits will be observed in their personality.
  • They are recognized as outgoing and loving. With family, they display friendly and affectionate nature.
  • They possess high energy level, and at times they become dominant too.
  • In case they become dominant, they may not listen to the commands. As a result, they can ripen hostility towards other dogs.

How is the company of Labrador Pitbull Mix with other pets?

If you raise your Pitbull Lab Mix from the beginning, then he would get along with other pets. Start raising your precious pets at the young age. But you should supervise the interactions between your loving pooch and other pets.

Does Labrador Pitbull Mix get along with kids?

There are several factors to decide Lab Pit Mix get along with children or not. If you desire that your adoring pet gets along with the kids, then buy a pup whose parents hold tender and affectionate temperament. It would be good if you socialize your puppy from a young age so that he can comfortably get along with kids.

Is it easy to train Labrador Pitbull Mix?

Both Labrador Retrievers and American Pitbull Terriers are intelligent, so the crossed breed is also considered smart. Training of this intelligent breed is easy. Dogs dislike repetitive sessions so keep them short, sweet and interesting. To avoid the confusion of the dogs, you should be consistent with the commands.

Lab/Pit Puppies Pictures

What health issues does Labrador Pitbull Mix face?

There is the notion that mixed breeds are comparatively healthier than purebred dogs. You have to consider the health of two parent breeds to make out the health issues of Labrador Pitbull Mix.

Nearly Lab Pit Mix live for 10- 14 years and you can detect some diseases like- hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, osteochondrosis, epilepsy and skin allergies.

How to look after Labrador Pitbull Mix?

Lab Pit Mix coat requires brushing once a week. Use dry shampoo to bathe your beloved pet. If he faces any health issues, then you should consult the veterinarian immediately.

Is Labrador Pitbull Mix require exercise?

Pitbull Lab Mix is active and energetic, so he feels like to let out his energy he possessed. It would be useful if you allow him to play and exercise freely. Allow him to go to the dog park twice in a day.

Labrabull is fit for the houses that have large backyards so that he can play freely. Small apartments are not suitable for him. It is important that he should let out his high energy otherwise he will become destructive.

Features of Labrador Pitbull Mix

Height 12- 25 Inches
Weight  45-90 lbs.
Shed Moderately
Colors Black, blue, brown, gray, red, yellow
Breed type Crossed
Hair Short
Suitable Climate Warm
Cost $100-$400

A little more about Labrador Pitbull Mix

Labrabull is not an extreme barker. He barks whenever he senses something suspicious to make you alert to something strange. He would love to please his owner. Cold climate is uncomfortable to him as he has short coats. He is active and playful. You will enjoy the company of Labrador Pitbull Mix as he is caring and loving.

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